Welcome to the English language page. 欢迎来到英文页面

Overview of English learning services available to you. 英语学习服务概述

WeChat Talk 微信聊天


This option is for people looking for 这个课程适用于寻求以下特点的人群

  1. Flexibility 灵活性
  2. Simple conversations without lesson planning 简答对话,没有课程计划
  3. Do not get to use English in any other setting 不能在其他设置上使用英语

Phonics 自然拼读


This option is for people looking to 这个课程适用于寻求以下特点的人群

  1. Improve their pronunciation 提高发音
  2. Start to learn English from scratch 从零开始学习英语
  3. Add it to compliment their school English curriculum 作为学校英语课程的补充

Visit the phonics page for more information and a sample video.