What is Phonics? 什么是”自然拼读法“

Phonics is about knowing how letters link to sounds (graphemes to phonemes). Spoken words are made up of different sounds (phonemes). You match these phonemes to letters (graphemes).

自然拼读的意义在于知晓字母之间如何联系发声(从字素到音素)。 口语是由不同的声音组成的(音素)。人们组合这些音素成为字母(字素)

What is Blending? 什么是”混合”?

Blending is when you merge the sounds (phonemes) together to form a word.


As an example: 比如说

C-A-T = Cat

The separate sounds (Phonemes) are spoken aloud, in order, all through the word, and are then merged together into the whole word.


What is Segmenting? 什么叫“分段”?

In order to spell the word cat, it is necessary to segment the word into its constituent sounds;



Watch the video below to get a better idea!! 请观看以下录像以得到更好的主意

How do the videos work? 视频如何操作?

In order to fully utilize the videos, it is important to understand their build up.


The introduction of the specific phonics. This video covers the specific phonics you will learn in each class. Class 1 to class 5 will each have new letters added. Class 6 will have a review of the learned sounds.


The video below will show you how the phonics are put into focus.


We will then create words so the learner can see how those letters sound in a word. This process is also called Sound Blending.


Watch the video below to see how we do that.


What books are recommended? 推荐的教材?

Books recommended are the Oxford reading tree Songbirds series or the Biff, Chip and Kipper series.

我们推荐牛津阅读树的Songbirds系列书,或者Biff, Chip and Kipper系列。