Payment Questions

Why do I have to pay the 1 year fee upfront?

There are several reasons why the fee has to be paid upfront for a year.

Do I have to pay separately for classes?

Yes. The monthly fee entails access to all of the great content of the website. Classes will have to be paid separately.

Will my class fee expire?

Yes. If after 3 months you haven’t used up your class fee it will expire.

Under rare circumstances, if the student wasn’t able to take classes for good reasons we might extend that period but this will be judged on individual basis.

Course Questions

What will I learn in the Phonics Course?

The Phonics course originally was designed to learn to read and improve your pronunciation by learning the individual sounds of the letters and letter combinations.

We have improved upon this however and now have added listening comprehension exercises as well as vocabulary practice. Additionally, we have added Free talk in which students discuss a particular topic that they can prepare for before class. This is an important module as it allows for students to form an idea and express it in English.

What will I learn in the Reading Comprehension course?

Reading comprehension as its name suggests is about understanding what I read.

This course contains:

  • fiction
  • non-fiction
  • poems
  • informative
  • Playscript
  • Biography


In this course students get a chance to practice their reading, finding specific information in a text, be able to understand the information the author is trying to convey and answer other relevant questions.

This course will sure prove to be a challenge!!